She’s a ROCKSTAR!!!…

Early morning on Saturday, August 20th, my friend Shannon gave birth to a beautifully chunky baby girl!! Shannon is an amazing, talented and hard working woman who is constantly giving of her time and talents to serve others, so it was nice to witness her community of friends come together to encourage and support her on this special day.

Among some of the things she thought out loud was “I’m a rockstar” which of course we have all reminded her since…

I am not good at re-telling a story in my own words, so I’m glad I have my camera to do it for me:)


Jeanine -

So amazing! I’m bawling while Ellie sleeps on me. Enjoy every moment of this time with sweet Romy…it flies by the 2nd time, or 3rd in you case.<3

Abbey -

WOW!!! Beautiful!!! Love, love, love!!!

Courtney -

That was just amazing! Beautiful. Happy Birthday Rosemary! :)

Hillary -

I can’t even handle it–so amazing!!!!!

Amethyst -

This is quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen!

Cindy -

That is the most beautiful birth video I have ever watch…so special….thank you for sharing! And Happy Birthday!

Jennifer -

Ok, I don’t even know this famiy and I’m weepy watching the video. I love how Dad is quiet and calm on the outside until he can see that baby Rosemary is ok and then he lets his emotions go. And big Sis singing ‘Happy birthday’? Oh! Gonna go sniff my babies now….

Kelly -

Absolutely beautiful! Crying for multiple reasons… Love you guys. Enjoy!

tonya buffington -

Ceci, OMG so beautiful! Shannon..ughhhh I told Alexa this may make me get baby fever again and it totally did :(
It was so beautiful and such an awesome day!! you are a rockstar!!!

Lisa -

Very emotional to watch… I’m still crying happy tears.

rose water -

I just loved this!! What a wonderful video and beautiful pictures. May God bless this beautiful family!

Sara -

That was one of the most beautiful and amazing birth videos I’ve ever watched (and I have watched a lot) :) Thank you for sharing.

Sara Covey -

That was just so beautiful and inspiring to watch! I’m 13 days away from my due date and am so glad I stumbled across this video – thank you for sharing this video of Shannon truly being a rockstar! I am going to go dry my tears and blow my nose… That was so beautiful, it keeps reducing me to tears!! xx

Tania Norris -

This is Beautiful….Full of emotion and beautiful moments! Everyone talks about the pain but know one mentions the wonderful part that you’ve just brought human life into the world…Women really are Rock stars xxxx.

Ceci Jane -

Thank you so much! Really appreciate it!

Ashli Adams -

What a beautiful birth story!

Aspasia Allison Russell -

this is wonderful thank you so much for sharing your experience Shannon and family!